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Economic Loop

The figure shown below, is the economic loop of MetaElfLand, which perfectly forms a closed loop composed of three aspects: Players, MetaElves (NFTs), and $MELT/ $BNC(tokens). The inner cycle represents the value creation process, while the outer cycle represents the value consumption situation; it shows the value consumption scenario.
MetaElfLand Economic Loop

The outer ring (green line) presents the input consumption route:

● Tokens flows from one node to another in a counterclockwise direction. Once the players enter the game, they purchase MetaElves to form a team and spend $MELT/ $BNC to breed, improve, evolve, purchase items, and stake.

The inner ring (yellow line) is the revenue generation route:

● Represents the generation and flow of value in a clockwise direction. Players can earn $MELT & $BNC in-game and from community events through airdrop rewards, and also from sales of MetaElves.