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Play to Earn

MetaElfLand’s Play and Earn is designed to attract a wide range of players to join the MetaElfLand ecosystem and contribute to the development of a healthy and blooming community. MetaElfLand have an ecosystem and community ecology still in its infancy, but with unlimited potential. So we will continue this revolution in the game industry and contribute to the establishment and improvement of the Metaverse Ecosystem.
We have designed some gameplay features to reward key behaviors of players in our ecosystem, such as but not limited to:
  • Obtain ‘BNC’ from PVE adventure on a daily basis;
  • Compete in TMT and win the game;
  • Win the game in the PVP arena;
  • Trade in the MetaElf Market;
  • Breed MetaElves and sell;
  • Features of TMT Winner’s Elf Team Combination Quiz
  • Staking for more rewards [Coming soon].
  • Gameplay / Features of “The MetaElfLand” [Coming soon]
  • Gameplay / Features of “War mode” [Coming soon]
  • NFT sponsored by various game projects, to be distributed to player through in game blind box.
Regarded to the user gaming experience, for the future, We have designed some features to reward players in our ecosystem, such as but not limited to:
  • Smoother and lower fee on chain gaming experience [Cross chain to Metaverse Chain in the future.]
  • The Interconnection with non-blockchain users. [Reality server development plan] [Items from blockchain server and reality server cannot be traded with each other]
  • A brand-new social platform [To be launched on the Metaverse Chain in the future]