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Blockchain company Metasoft launches blockchain game MetaElfLand NFT
Metasoft, a Macau-based blockchain company, announced on March 31 2022 that it will launch MetaElfland, a blockchain-based P2E game project.
Metasoft is a blockchain company that develops Mainnet, NFT, and Blockchain-based Metaverse Platforms.
MetaElfland is a long-prepared game by Metasoft and allows players to use various MetaElves through in-game daily tasks, PVE, PVP systems, and E-sports(TMT). It is a metaverse game project where you can buy, sell, breed, level up, evolve, and venture with MetaElves to participate in games, and to win and receive more rewards.
Metasoft, that developing MetaElfLand, said, "We will introduce various contents at MetaElfLand so that various users can enjoy the game. We aims to be the center of the blockchain E-SPORT GAME, with a matured token economy system developed by a professional Actuary [FSA]."
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