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IDO Postpone Announcement Due to Commercial Cooperation
Due to the cooperation with MetaElfLand‘s Strategic Business Partner, and for the better development and perfection of the game MetaElfLand, Team of MetaElfLand decided to postpone the launch of IDO, which is now expected to start in June. The exact time will be announced when the agreement with the Strategic Business Partner is signed, please kindly check the latest announcement from our official GitBook (
During the period of waiting, players can participate in the test of the game demo and experience the fun from the game, in order to get more game-related information. Team of MetaElfLand would like to offer rewards to players who present good advice on testing or identify critical bugs of our game.
For more details on the demo of the game, please kindly connect to this link:
Team of MetaElfLand
May 29, 2022
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