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MetaElfLand NFT Buyback Program
After several beta updates (current version: 1.0.17), MetaElfLand is about to launch.
Many thanks to the players, who participated in the NFT pre-sale event to purchase MetaElves(NFT) at the early stage, and try a number of demo. We will launch our public sale of MetaElves(NFT) on June 21/22.
With respects to our early users who bought MetaElves, we hope that users will have free choices again, after a full understanding and expectation of the project. So, for those who want the return of MetaElves(NFT), we fully respect player's choices, and kindly please refer to the below specific buyback program.

The rules of MetaElves(NFT) buyback

1: Each MetaElf’s buyback price is the same as the original sales price;
2: Buyback deadline: 18:00 pm (Hong Kong time), June 18, 2022;
3: Please return the MetaElves(NFT) to the following address: 0xD26713553B537DCce6dcc919a954Cd0c9cA250c7;
4: Contact us(Telegram: lws88888), and leave both your message for the return of MetaElves(NFT), and your USDT(BEF-20) address to receive the according refund.
5: After verification of all feedbacks, at 18:00 pm (Hong Kong time), June 20, 2022, we will return the original sales amount to the USDT(BEF-20) addresses provided by the players.
Please kindly take it into consideration carefully, as players, who proceed the return of MetaElves(NFT), will no longer be eligible for the pre-sale price.
Note: For player's private trading of MetaElves(NFT), the according consequences, such as, the later rise and fall, the loss of crypto assets, and all the other trading risks, shall be taken by both the buyer and seller, which have nothing to do with MetaElfLand. Please kindly be careful for any private trading between players, in case of significant loss of property.
We are looking forward to a bright future, and thank you for your support and trust.
Team of MetaElfLand
June 16, 2022
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