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MetaElfLand NFT Pre-sale Announcement
MetaElfLand NFT Pre-sale activity will start at HKT 18:00 on May 25, 2022. For players who are already in the whitelist, please kindly read the below details carefully.
Pre-sale time:UTC/GMT 2022-05-25 10:00:00;
UTC+8:2022-05-25 18:00:00 Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore;
UTC+9:2022-05-25 19:00:00 Japan, Korea, Tokyo, Seoul, Sapporo, Osaka, East Timor.
Kindly please note that this pre-sale will be open for 6 hours, so whitelisted player will have enough time to proceed the purchase.

Pre-sale Activity Rules

Participant:Players, who already join the MetaElfLand whitelist.
Purchase Quantity: There are 2 boxes (blind box) available for players to choose. One box includes 2 MetaElves, the another one includes 5 MetaElves. Each player in the whitelist can only choose to buy one of them.
NFT Pre-sale Price:98USDT for the box included 2 MetaElves ; 245USDT for the box included 5 MetaElves.
Note: Players in the whitelist, will have a chance to get the Genesis Mythical MetaElves through the purchase of the blind boxes. The type of MetaElf from the blind box is random. Its attribute is also random. Once a blind box is sold, it shall not be refundable. In MetaElfLand, only two MetaElves are required to start the game. Players can team up five MetaElves at most for each battle in the game.
Before purchase, please kindly make sure:
1. It is a must to proceed the purchase through BNB Chain Wallet.
2. Players pay in USDT (BEP-20). Kindly please pay attention that enough BNB is needed in wallet for the Gas Fee.
3. Trustwallet, TokenPocket & Metamask in web browsers are now supported.
4. Wallets that can be connected via WalletConnect protocol are also supported.

NFT Purchase Processes

Step 1: Open MetaElfLand’s official website and connect your BNB Chain wallet.
Official website:
Choose language (English, Chinese, etc.). Click “CONNECT WALLET” on the top right corner, then choose “MetaMask ” wallet (for example).
Step 2: Click “NFT- Pre Sale” to enter the purchase interface.
Choose to buy one of the boxes.
After purchase, it is available for players to receive and view the MetaElves later through the backpack on the top right corner.
If players do not have BNB Chain wallet, kindly please refer to the below tutorial link to install and set up MetaMask wallet.
MetaElfLand is Coming Soon!

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WeChat: MetaSoft666
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