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The Launch of MetaElfLand Public Beta Version & the Chinese Exclusive Community

After a period of testing, based on the enthusiastic feedback & suggestions from players, and a comprehensive evaluation by the team of MetaElfLand, the game has been upgraded and iterated several versions. The latest version is MetaElfLand 1.0.37.
MetaElfLand is the first game project of MetaSoft, a Web3 company, and it has been promoted globally and we do the best to comply with local laws and regulations. According to local policies, for the Chinese community, we specialize in serving Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan, so our main Chinese community is on Telegram and Discord.
In anticipation of the launch of the MetaElfLand Public Beta Version at the end of this month, and the upcoming launch of TMT(The Metaverse Tournament), welcome to join in the following official Chinese community, where you will be able to receive the latest information of MetaElfLand.
Telegram (Chinese) :
At the same time, due to force majeure, at 0:00 on September 18, MetaElfLand’s official service personnel will leave WeChat group to serve only the official Telegram and Discord communities. The links, articles and other informations from WeChat group will be irrelevant to our official channel. Please be informed of the above announcement! Thank you for your understanding and support!
September 17, 2022
Team of MetaElfLand

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