MetaElfLand - English
The Whitelist Issue
Since MetaElfLand starts its global promotion, there is a variety of activities organized by corresponding communities in various countries. For those of you who have actively participated in giving constructive advice to MetaElfLand and assisting in local promotion, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your contributions, and part of our players are already given whitelist for the pre-sale activity. Whitelisted players can enjoy the rights for the best price, the first purchase of NFT and other welfare benefits.
Recently, we've received feedback from the community that some players are selling whitelists. We hereby declare that we have nothing to do with the sale of whitelist between users, and we have never sold any whitelist to public. Anyone claiming to be an official whitelist seller is committing fraud.
Please be careful and beware of fraud.
Thank you for your attention and support!
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