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Three Things About MELT

DEX Announcement

At 20:00 Hong Kong time, August 5, 2022, we will launch MELT listing on PancakeSwap.
MELT Contract Address: 0x7eb35225995b097c84eF10501dD6E93A49bdFd63

MELT Burning

Regarded to the 100 million MELT tokens from IDO, which were scheduled to be burnt, 50 million MELT tokens have already been burnt, and the burning date of the remaining 50 million MELT tokens might be decided through community votes before the MELT listing on CEX.
Burning Address: 0xf10cec5b721234142937081a51be69f6c5cf98aa3d1be60a10a4120f64d07f08

MetaElfLand Caring Fund

With the rapid development of MetaElfLand, the team of MetaElfLand recently established MetaElfLand Caring Fund, and donated 20 million MELT tokens to this fund, which will be used to aid the construction of MetaElfLand Hope Primary School or MetaElfLand Nursing Home.
Caring Fund Address: 0x3186cf57e56c1d5d508e05e42839d8159c91334f
August 5, 2022
Team of MetaElfLand

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