1) How can I enter the arena?

Click the arena icon from the bottom right corner of the game main interface.

2) What does it cost to enter TMT?

Players consume entrance ticket or pay 50 MELT to enter TMT. Completion of the mainline task for the first time, an TMT entrance ticket will be rewarded to player.

3) Where I can buy TMT ticket?

Players can purchase TMT ticket from the MetaElf store.

4) What can I get from the PVP arena?

Players can receive arena badges and treasure chests based on their ranking from the season settlement.

5) Is the ranking in the PVP arena always the same?

The ranking will change after each season. The last two players' ranking will degrade to a lower level after each day's arena settlement.

6) What's the use of arena badges?

Players can use them to exchange items in the game store.

7) How do I get arena badges?

In each arena challenge, 3 badges are given to players who win in game, 2 badges are given to players who draw in game, 1 badge is given to players who lose in game.

8) How is the PVP arena ranking awards distributed?

After each weekly settlement, players enter the arena. Ranking awards will be automatically distributed to the player backpack in the form of treasure chests. Players need to open the treasure chests to obtain the corresponding ranking awards.

9) When is the PVP arena reset?

It is reset at a specific time (in the current testing period it is set at 12:00 pm), and a season lasts for 7 days.

10) What is the way of PK between players in the game?

Players can compete against each other in PVP Arena, where there are five 1V1 matches every day for each player. In PVP Arena, MetaElfLand sets up a ladder ranking system, where the stronger your MetaElf team is, the higher chance of winning you have, the higher your corresponding ranking will be, the more rewards you will receive.
Another form of PK is TMT(The Metaverse Tournament), which is a fair E-sports elimination game for hundreds or even thousands of players. With Ban/Pick strategy to set up the strongest lineup and apply limitation to the lineup of your opponent, you win in the game. In the first tournament, the champion will receive 80% award of the prize pool.

11) Is the ranking refreshed every new season? How is the season reset mechanism?

The ranking is refreshed every new season.
One season lasts for one week, and a player is matched to challenge other five players per day. The top two scorers are promoted to the next higher ranking. Once a season is over, the settlement is proceeded, and players are rewarded according to their rankings. Then a new season begins, where players’ initial rankings are rolled back according to last season’s rankings.

12) Regarded to TMT (e-sports) Arena. May I know more about the prize rules, entry fees, bonus distribution and the fair play setting of the E-sports? Does every player get a chance to win the game? How can I join the game?

Players buy TMT tickets or pay MetaElfLand tokens($MELT) for entry to the arena. The game starts on time according to the regulations. There is a requirement for a minimum number of players in the game. If it doesn’t reach the set number, the game is dismissed and players are given back their tickets or MetaElfLand tokens($MELT).
Players enter the TMT arena without carrying their own MetaElf, and use the MetaElves provided by TMT. The attribute value of each MetaElf is fixed.
The registration closes 5 minutes before the start of the game. Each of the two players forms in group to play against each other. The unpaired player goes straight to the next round. The game is not over until the last player win the championship in the final round.
Once the game starts, players enters the Ban/Pick interface. Based on the Ban/Pick strategy, players try to limit the other side’s lineup. To win the game, players form a lineup with superiority and impose restrictions on the other side.
80% of all ticket revenues goes to the prize pool; the left 20% is distributed as follows (Deflationary Model): 25% of it, is automatically converted into MetaElfLand tokens($MELT) which are burnt; 37.5% of it, is kept for system maintenance; 37.5% of it, goes into DeFi pool to increase liquidity and to be allocated to the "eco-fund”.
The winner will receive 80% of the prize pool (It is the initial percentage for the first tournament and will be slightly adjusted later.)
According to the number of participants, we set a range of rewards. The prizes, based on the established proportion, are given to the winning players. Players, in the range of rewards, are at least guaranteed to get a TMT ticket.

13) In TMT, the winner will be rewarded, and will the loser be rewarded?

TMT(The Metaverse Tournament) is the same as an E-sports tournament, where players, who are in the range of award, will be rewarded according to their rankings. Players, who are not in the range of award, will not get any reward.
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