1) How to download the Game (MetaElfLand)? (Not available yet)

Enter MetaElfLand's official website and click "Play Now" in the navigation bar to access the game client download interface. There is only Android version at present, and the other versions such as IOS & PC will be available later. Official website link:

2) What Phone can be used to play?

Players with Android device can download APK or use the web browser to play the game, while players with IOS devices or PC, can play the game through the web browser as well.

3) Where are the MetaElfLand servers? Will there be network delays when accessing from my country?

MetaElfLand's game servers are set up in Southeast Asian countries such as South Korea and Singapore, etc. If the number of players in your country/region reaches a certain base, we will set up new servers in the corresponding regions to improve the online experience for our users.

4) Where can I buy MetaElf, and what is the minimum number of participants required?

Go to the official website: and buy at least two MetaElves in the Marketplace to start to play to earn.

5) How to Choose MetaElves and build up your own team?

Each MetaElf in the game has its own element attribute. Element attributes are divided into common attributes and rare attributes. Various attributes restrain each other(as in the above image), and affect the fighting style of a MetaElf. Common attributes include fire, water, and nature, which are cyclically restrained from each other. Rare attributes include light and dark. The two of them restrained each other. To win the game, players are suggested to build up their team based on the above game setting for restrictions between different element attributes.

6) What is the Energy consumption and the recovery time?

The total energy value is 120 points. One battle against the small monsters takes 3 points, and one battle against the boss takes 6 points. Once the energy runs out, it recovers to full value automatically at a specific time (12pm or 4-5am, to be confirmed) the next day.

7) Can I continue the game when the Energy value is exhausted?

Once the energy runs out, it is also available for players to buy items to restore the energy to continue the game.

8) The Difference between an Egg & a MetaElf?

An egg is bred by a pair of player’s MetaElf parents, whereas players can directly purchase eggs in shop. Once an egg is opened, an MetaElf is born and it can join the team for battle.

9) Why my MetaElf can’t fight in the battle?

A. Once being transferred to another address, a MetaElf (NFT), who previously participated in the battle on the day, cannot fight again on the battlefield until the next day. B. MetaElf can not battle during the breeding period.

10) How to transfer my MetaElf to another address?

Each MetaElf NFT is an digital asset based on blockchain and has its own smart contract; Currently, you can transfer the NFT through our app, or use a third-party wallet that supports NFT transfer such as TRUST WALLET to add the MetaElf NFT smart contract to transfer; The smart contract can be found on chain by yourself. If you want to make it easy and simple, our app for NFT transfer, is a good choice.

11) Why isn’t the NFT I purchased displayed in my account?

It might be because of the node. The access to the nodes is fluctuating.
1. Please kindly make sure the purchase is successful (to be confirmed with the blockchain browser). And please check and confirm the purchase through the below link.
Confirmation of NFT Status After the NFT Pre-sale
2. Please kindly make sure the wallet is connected during the loading process. If the page is refreshed, your wallet is disconnected.
3. Once the loading process last for a period of time, please kindly stop waiting and try to refresh the page, as the loading could be time-out. If the page is not refreshed, it will keep loading.
4. Part of the node domain names may be blocked. If this is the case, kindly try adjusting your network settings before the loading process.

12) Why do I get a MetaElf with its gem in green color, does the green gem stands for the lowest level?

No, the green gem represents the common race of MetaElf. All Genesis MetaElves degenerate to the common race in their initial state, so there are no lower or higher level of this attribute. Players can then raise their offspring to a higher level through breeding, because there is a chance of a race transition during the breeding process.
For more information about the race of a MetaElf, kindly please check our GitBook with the below link.
Dimension Evaluation

13) Players already purchased the blind box in the Pre-sale event, and received Genesis MetaElves, but none of them is of dark or light elements, does it means they are useless?

This is a misunderstanding, because at the early stage the Genesis MetaElves are superior. Kindly please check the below three links for more information:
Explanation of the Genesis MetaElf
Explanation of the Genesis MetaElf
Brief Introduction
Brief Introduction
Dimension Evaluation
Dimension Evaluation
Thank you for your understanding and support.

14) Why is my game interface not fully displayed?

1. It may be because of the resolution. Kindly please try adjusting the resolution.
2. Maybe there is a scrollbar in the browser. Kindly please try to move the scrollbar.
3. It may be a device adaptation issue. Please check the list of devices that have been configured, and if your device is not in the list, please send the device’s brand and model to our official email address [email protected]

15) The chapter/level is too difficult for me to compete in the game. With my MetaElves at Lv20, I was defeated by the enemies at Lv6…what am I supposed to do?

The game is now at the testing stage, and its difficulty is still in the adjustment process. Kindly please stay tuned for its official launch.

16) I already closed the game running from my previous device, and try to login the game in another device. Then it shows that my account is already logged in. What shall I do in this case?

This function will be optimized before the game’s official launch.
During the testing stage, kindly please click the avatar on the top-left corner in the game from the previous device, and click the log-out button on the bottom-left corner of the setting interface, then try to login again in your new devices.

17) I would like invite my friends to join the game, might there be any awards accordingly?

The related function development is now in full swing. Please stay tuned.

18) What kind of items can be on-chain in the market?

Any item in the game with a NFT mark is available to be on-chain.

19) When can I open my blind box?

Blind box is automatically opened after purchase. Just log in your account from our official website. Click the personal backpack from your wallet where you can check the MetaElves that you purchased.

20) Can I buy MetaElfLand's NFT from Opensea now?

No, MetaElfLand runs on the BNB(BSC) chain. Opensea is primarily for the sales of NFT from ETH chain.
The game does not support ETH yet. Players can only buy NFT from our official website, the sales from other places are not from the official or they are simply piratical.

21) When will the MELT tokens start public sale?

The launch date is temporarily set for June. After the NFT pre-sale activity, the official launch of the NFT will be the next event, which is later followed by the launch of the token IDO.

22) Can a non-whitelisted player purchase NFT?

Yes, the NFT pre-sale activity for whitelisted players is over. The following event is the NFT public sale without whitelist limitation. Please pay attention to the official media channel for the specific time, and once it is confirmed, we will inform you at the first time.

23) The previous Profit Right NFT Cards, which are sold on BSV chain, contain MetaElves. As a holder, can I receive them when the game goes online?

Yes, the cross-chain registration is being coordinated. Please pay attention to the official announcement for the specific time.

24) How can I get the latest information about this project? Are there any channels (including local communities) through which users can get first-hand information?

Players can get the latest information about this project through MetaElfLand's GitBook. Major updates and collaborations will be announced on GitBook. All information is subject to our official release.
You can also get first-hand information by checking any of our official community announcements. Please do not trust any links or information sent to you via any unofficial channels or private chats.

25) Are there any admission fees or any conditions to be satisfied before entering the game? If so, what are they? Does a player need to hold NFT or a certain amount of tokens to play the game?

For the game MetaElfLand, players are required to hold at least two MetaElves(NFT) to enter the game.
In addition, TMT(The Metaverse Tournament) does not require MetaElf(NFT) to participate, whereas there is a ticket fee.

26) MetaElfLand has a PVE adventure mode. Is there an upper limit for the rewards at each stage? Does player need to defeat the Boss to move to the next stage of the game?

MetaElfLand’s PVE adventure have different maps with multiple layers. There is a total of twelve (12) chapters, and each chapter has ten (10) levels. Players are able to choose the map, difficulty, chapter, and level to play in the chapter selection interface. Each map has a different number of levels, which are refreshed randomly, where a higher difficulty presents a higher reward.
Each level has an upper limit for rewards and reaching that upper limit will not yield any items, but players can still gain experience. However, if the overall combat value of a player’s team exceeds the enemy’s team, experience gained will be lessened.
Players need to defeat the Boss to move to the next stage of the game. Players can choose whether to play manually or turn on the auto battle mode to challenge the boss(NOTE: bosses are more powerful, so it is recommended to challenge them manually.)

27) If it's an online game, don't I need to install a separate application? As long as I have internet connection, can I play MetaElfLand whenever I want?

MetaElfLand supports web broswer, Android, and IOS. To play the game, players can open the official web link directly through PC and IOS devices, while players with Android devices can open the official web link as well, or download the mobile application.
Players, connected to the internet, can enjoy the game anytime anywhere, which is very convenient.

28) Can players use markets from other platforms for NFT transactions? Can players sale NFT in the market?

Currently, the game is only available for NFT transactions through the marketplace from our official website The transaction function will be activated after the game is officially launched. Players can sell NFT through the marketplace from our official website, and at the time being players can not use other platforms for NFT transactions.

29) What is stamina in the player's account?

Stamina is the energy being spent for PVE adventures, completion of daily tasks, gaining experience for upgrades and receiving items, etc. Stamina is refreshed every day. Once it runs out, players who want to continue the adventure, can go to the market to buy items for recovery.
If players’ stamina value is insufficient, then players will not be able to continue PVE adventure in the game.

30) What is the restriction for NFT transfer?

After purchasing or giving away an NFT as a gift, there is a cool down period that prevents players from playing the game with the same NFT via multiple accounts for multiple times a day, which affect the fairness of the game. Therefore, once a NFT is transferred in or out, it can only be used in the game after the daily refresh point.

31) I meet the conditions to get the award in the daily tasks without clicking the “Completion”. Can I click the “Completion” on the next day to get the award?

Players have to complete their daily task and click the “Completion” in order to receive award at the same day. If the award is not collected, it will be cleared once the daily task is refreshed each day.

32) Is there a time limit for players to withdraw $BNC and $MELT to their wallets?

Yes, in order to make the ecosystem more stable, the current set time limit for withdrawal is 48 hours.

33) What kind of items can I get from the Daily Task PVE, PVP and the Mainline Task Treasure Chests?

Items from Daily Task Treasure Chest: Breeding Items, Evolution Potion, BNC, Mystery Treasure Chest(Stay tuned) Scroll;
Items from PVP Treasure Chest: BNC, MELT;
Items from Mainline Task Treasure Chest: Evolution Potion, PVE MetaElf Egg, BNC, Mystery Treasure Chest(Stay tuned) Scroll

34) What are the limitations of a NFT transfer, and will there be any changes in Stamina/Hormone? After a NFT transfer, when can a MetaElf breed or fight in the battlefield again?

Once a NFT(MetaElf) is transferred, a MetaElf’s hormone does not change, its stamina is daily refreshed one time based on the status of the game account, and it can breed or fight 24 hours later.

35) Besides the daily tasks and PVP arena, will there be any additionally casual games?

In the future updates, we will introduce other casual gameplay, such as Elfland system, MetaElf Racing, and some periodically time-limited activities, please stay tuned.

36) Is there a limit of quantity for the the treasure chest fragments, which players can gain in the game each day?

Yes, the limited quantity for each day is 150 pcs, then the next day, again player can gain another 150 pcs at most, and so on.
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