1) How to Check the Breeding times of your MetaElves?

Just click "Breed" to enter the next interface. Full details for breeding including breeding times, is displayed to you right away.

2) Will Breeding affect P2E?

Players can produce eggs through breeding system. Egg can be minted as a NFT to be sold in shop. So players can make good use of the breeding system for P2E.

3) How to view the incubation period of my eggs and how to get a new MetaElf after the incubation period?

Just click "Breed" to enter the next interface and the incubation period is displayed. Once the incubation ends, players click "Bag" then click "EGG" to see the new arrival egg. Player opens the egg, and a new MetaElf is born and presented to player.

4) Which kind of MetaElf can breed in the game? And which kind of MetaElf can be on-chain? How many times can a MetaElf breeds in its lifetime? Can hormone potion be used without limitation?

Any kind of MetaElf can breed in the game, but only NFT MetaElf can be on-chain. Without hormone potion, a MetaElf can breed five times at most, and it can use hormone potion for only one time to continue breeding. So in total, a MetaElf can breed 10 times in its lifetime.
A NFT MetaElf can only breed with another NFT MetaElf, and together they definitely can breed a NFT Egg (on-chain). With hormone potion, they can breed another NFT Egg (on-chain). The other offsprings are common MetaElves, which cannot be on-chain.
Two common MetaElves (non-NFT MetaElf) can at lease produce a NFT Egg through 100 times of breeding, which is at an extremely low probability.

5) All my MetaElves are males, how can I breed?

Please use the Gender Conversion Card from the backpack to change a MetaElf’s gender.
For players, who purchased the Genesis MetaElves, a Gender Conversion Card(non-NFT item) is provided for switching the gender in the limited 7 days upon entering the game. Open-ended Gender Conversion Card(NFT item) can be obtained through lucky draw(The related function is under development)

6) Does a MetaElf’s combat power are reduced after its breeding? What is the specific mechanism?

In 1.0.17 Demo Version, the connection between the hormone value and the shield value will be temporarily removed, and a MetaElf’s combat power will not be reduced after its breeding.

7) Is there a limit to the number of times you can breed each day?

There is no limit to the number of times for breeding each day, depending on the number of breeding items in the player's backpack. If the quantity is insufficient, player can go to the market to purchase the corresponding breeding items.

8) Does MetaElf have a breeding/evolution list? So I can know in advance how my MetaElf will evolve at each specific stage?

There is a breeding/evolution list, which will be released later. Please stay tuned.

9) How many times can a MetaElf change its gender?

There is no limit on the number of transitions, depending on the number of gender conversion cards in the backpack. Players can get gender conversion card in the game, or go to the market to buy them from other players.

10) How can I identify the breeding times of a MetaElf?

The market thumbnails and details page will be updated after the launch of the game. Players can confirm the breeding times and the use(or non-use) of hormone potion, through the available NFT breeding times (egg quantity marker: 0 ~ 2) and changes in hormone values (5 grades/colors of loving heart: Gray 0% ~ red 100%).
For example:
Red loving heart (+ Egg quantity maker:2), represents a MetaElf is available for 10 times of common breeding (2 times of NFT breeding);
Yellow loving heart (+ Egg quantity maker:1), represents a MetaElf is available for 8 times of common breeding (1 times of NFT breeding);
Pink loving heart (+ Egg quantity maker:0), represents a MetaElf is available for 4 times of common breeding (0 times of NFT breeding);
The corresponding details are displayed obviously at the breeding interface of the game.

11) How to raise the DNA level of a MetaElf?

Through breeding, its offspring can reach a higher DNA level.

12) What will MetaElves consume for breeding?

Each time of breeding will consume one breeding item and 20 point hormone value.

13) As the hormone value will go down after breeding, how can I recover it?

Player can recover hormone value with hormone potion.

14) Where can I buy hormone potion?

Player can purchase hormone potion from the arena store of the in-game store, or get it from the lucky draw event.
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