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    MELT is a token implemented in the gameplay of MetaElfLand. None of the information presented in this page, is and will be intended to form any basis for investment suggestion or decision making.
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    MELT token is and will never be structured or sold as a securities or any other form of investment product. MELT token is and will never be treated as an equity interest or as a debt interest. Thus, there is and will be not any specific recommendations to be made or intended.
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    Team of MetaElfLand expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from:
  • Reliance on any information included in this page.
  • Any omission, inaccuracy or error in any such information.
  • Any action resulting from such information.
  • The sale, use in-game, award or holding of MELT token.
  • Risk of changes in the MELT token’s functionality that described in the whitepaper and which may adjust or upgrade from time to time.
4. The products and services of MetaElfLand, including (but not limited to) the game play/upgrade, and the MELT token’s sales, uses, award or holding, are subject and restricted to local countries/regions laws, the uncertain regulations and the enforcement actions.
By purchasing, holding and using MELT token, the Player/Holder expressly acknowledges that it understands and assumes the following risks:

1. Risks Associated with the underlying relevant Blockchain Technology, Protocol, Open-source software and mining.

  • MELT is a non-refundable and uninsured Token.
For any reason, the Team of MetaElfLand is not obliged to provide MELT token holder with any service related to refund and compensation. No future promise or guarantee, are and will be made for the MELT token’s inherent value and its price’s future performance. Accordingly, the recovery of any spent resources and payment may be impossible. Moreover, unlike any accounts from banks or other financial institutions, MELT token is uninsured unless the Player/Holder specifically get a private insurance to insure it. Thus, the Team of MetaElfLand is not obliged to compensate the Player/Holder for any event of loss or loss of utility value.
  • Risk of Losing Access to MELT token Due to Loss of Private Key(s).
MELT token is a blockchain based digital asset that subjected to the Player/Holder’s control and dispose of private key(s). Therefore any loss of private key(s) associated with the Player/Holder’s digital wallet, could result in loss of such MELT token. Moreover, any third party that have access to such private key(s), including by gaining access to login authority of a hosted wallet service authorized/used by the Player/Holder, may be able to misappropriate any MELT token held by the Player/Holder. Accordingly, Team of MetaElfLand takes no responsibility for any above such losses.
  • Risk from Technology development and Protocol/Smart contract change.
MELT token and the game MetaElfLand are based on blockchain technology. Any breakdown, malfunction, abandonment or upgrade of the underlying blockchain, plus any technical advances(e.g. Quantum Computing), cryptography and security innovations, could present unpredictable risks to MELT token and the game MetaElfLand.
Further, the products and services required players to “deposit” with or “staked” with, are under interaction with various third-party decentralized finance protocols/smart contracts, developed by third-party independent team(s). These deployed smart contracts/protocols may contain bugs/errors/failures, security vulnerabilities or economic loopholes, which may be exploited by any third parties and result in losses in products and services available on the game MetaElfLand. Therefore, with no control over these protocols or teams, the Team of MetaElfLand could not be responsible for any such bugs/errors/failures, security vulnerabilities or economic loopholes.
  • Risk of Hacking and Mining Attacks.
MetaElfLand is based on open-source software. There is a risk that hackers, a third party or a member of any (malicious or not) Group Entity may intentionally or unintentionally introduce security weaknesses into the core infrastructure of the game MetaElfLand, or attempt to attack in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, malware attacks, denial of service attacks, consensus-based attacks, Sybil attacks, smurfing and spoofing. Any and all these actions could negatively impact on the game and MELT token.
Moreover, MELT is a decentralized cryptographic tokens based on blockchain technology. The potential attacks by miners in the course of validating token transactions on the relevant blockchain/protocol/smart contract, including, but not limited, to double-spend attacks, majority mining power attacks, and selfish-mining attacks. Any successful attacks could present a risk to the game MetaElfLand’s running and MELT token transaction.

2. Risks Associated with current Local Law, the Uncertain Regulations and the Enforcement Actions.

  • Risks from current Local Law and Uncertain Regulations.
The game MetaElfLand and MELT token are subject to the Player/Holder’s foreign laws or regulations, which may not be the same as the laws in the jurisdiction of MetaElfLand/MELT token. In different jurisdiction, the regulatory status of MELT token, the distributed ledger/blockchain technology, the governance of the cryptocurrency markets, are unclear, unsettled and unpredicted at the time being.
  • Risks from new/sudden Enforcement Actions.
It is likewise difficult to predict how or whether legislatures or regulatory agencies may implement changes to law and regulation, which might affect a lot on a distributed ledger technology and its applications, including the game MetaElfLand and MELT token. Future potential regulatory actions, include(but not limited to) a determination that MELT token is a regulated financial instrument that requires registration or licensing, whereas the Team of MetaElfLand might not be able to provide regular service in certain areas.
Any new/sudden event from regulatory actions, or changes to law or regulation, might make it commercially undesirable to obtain the necessary regulatory approval(s) to operate in such jurisdiction, or make it illegal to operate in such jurisdiction. Thus, any and all these factors, lead to the cease of any Group Entity’s operations in a jurisdiction.
  • Risks Arising from Taxation.
The Team of MetaElfLand intends to treat MELT token and this Agreement neither as an equity interest nor as a debt interest for tax purposes. In different jurisdictions, it is possible that the Team of MetaElfLand’s intended treatment of MELT token and this Agreement may be challenged, thus, the relevant tax consequences could differ from those described above. Player/Holder could seek in its jurisdictions for its own tax advice related to purchasing, holding and utilizing MELT token, which may result in adverse tax consequences to the Player/Holder, including (but not limited to) withholding taxes, transfer taxes, value-added taxes, income taxes and similar taxes, levies, duties or other charges and tax reporting requirements.

3. Risks Associated with the Team & Game Development, Competitors, Market Fluctuations & Liquidation.

  • Risks Associated with the Team/Game Development.
With the team of MetaElfLand’s good faith efforts to develop and maintain the game, its design concepts, consensus mechanisms, algorithms, codes, and other technical details and parameters may be constantly and frequently updated and changed. Thus the Game MetaElfLand might undergo significant changes over time. This could possibly create the risk that MELT token or the Game MetaElfLand, may not meet the Player/Holder’s expectation at the time of token purchase and game play.
Moreover, in this continuously development, insufficient information disclosure is inevitable and reasonable, as the team has no ability and obligation to keep every holder of MELT token well informed of every development progresses and expected milestones.
Further, as a start-up company, the Team of MetaElfLand is not immune to Loss of Talent, Departure of Core Personnel, Unexpected Problems in the areas of Product Development, Marketing, Financing and Intellectual Property Ownership Challenges. Thus, the Game MetaElfLand may no longer be viable to operate and the Team or any Group Entity may be dissolved.
  • Risks of Competitors / Alternative Networks and Insufficient Interest.
MetaElfLand is a game designed and based on open-source software and a distributed ledger/blockchain technology. It is possible or inevitable that alternative networks could be established, in an attempt to utilize the same or similar code and protocol underlying to build and provide products and services that are similar to the Game MetaElfLand and MELT token. Thus it could negatively impact the Game MetaElfLand and/or MELT token.
Moreover, it could be also possible that MetaElfLand will not be used by a large number of individuals, companies and other entities. Thus, the limited public interest in the creation and development of the ecosystems for the Game MetaElfLand and MELT token, could negatively impact the development of the game and therefore the potential utility of MELT token.
  • Risks Associated with Market Fluctuations & Liquidation.
MELT token is designed to be utilized solely within the Game MetaElfLand, hence there may be illiquidity risk with respect to MELT token held by the Holders. All decisions, involving the Team of MetaElfLand, relevant Group Entity and Players and other Holders, are made at its sole and absolute discretion. Thus, the sell of MELT token or Liquidation of any individuals or groups, could adversely affect the Game MetaElfLand and MELT token held by the Holders.

4. Unanticipated Risks

MELT token and the game MetaElfLand are based on blockchain, distributed ledgers plus other third party protocols/smart contracts. Furthermore, cryptographic tokens such as MELT token are a new and untested technology. In addition to the above risks, there may be other potential risks associated with the Player/Holder’s purchase, holding and use of MELT token, including those that the Team of MetaElfLand cannot anticipate currently. These risks may further lead to be any unanticipated variations or even combinations of the risks described in this page.

Thank you very much for all your kind attention!