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Gold Farming Game — MetaElfLand Tutorial by Cryptodog production

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MetaElfLand — A Successor to The Benign Development of P2E

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Since the top game project Axie gives up its PVE, there has been very little investment in PVE in various game projects. General players pay at ahigh price for a NFT with common attribute, but finish the daily taskswithout enough return to cover the cost. To compete for the leaderboard, firstly players seldom win in the game, secondly they are lack of energy,which makes the payback period too long and most of the players lose interest in the game already.
The gaming sector has shown signs of recovery since March, but the weakening of StarSharks and other few remaining projects has once again left the market thinking profoundly about this industry. At this point, we need to find an industry leading project to perk up the GameFi market.
Fortunately, the game developers do not stop their progress because of the mood of casual players. In March and April, there are a lot of new projects launched on the market, which let players make a lot of money. In previous articles, we already introduced a lot about these game projects, and today we’ll take a look at another one, MetaElfLand, that hasn’t gone live yet. Let’s see what kind of new ideas it brings to P2E.
The main contents of this article include:
• Introduction • Project Progress • Innovation and Consumption Mechanisms • About NFT • How to earn from the game? • How to play the game? • At the End


MetaElfLand is a P2E Game project, developed by Metasoft Game Studio from a Macau blockchain company, Metasoft, which is similar to Poke-mon Go, but a half turn-base and half real-time Game on-chain. Metasoft Game Studio will further develop Pet Metaverse game, staking, IDO plat-form, cross-chain system and NFT leasing. A blockchain players and real-ity server players interaction platform will be further developed as well, where reality server players can interact directly with blockchain players.
In MetaElfLand, players can buy or breed a variety of MetaElves to form teams, complete Daily Tasks, PVE, and PVP, and get more rewards.
MetaElfLand implements a dual-tokens model, as follows:
  • $MELT(MetaElfLand Token), the governance token, which is used for purchase of MetaElves, lands, and items, as well as for breeding, evolution, staking and the other functions.
  • $BNC (BattleNet Coin), the in-game token, which can be ob- tained by players through completing PVE Adventure, Daily Tasks, PVP Arena, and participating The Metaverse Tournament(TMT), the E-sports.

Project Schedule

Now MetaElfLand already finished its Alpha Test and Multiple Languages Setting. The NFT blind box pre-sale will be launched on May 15. Only whitelist users are available to participate in this pre-sale activity. The pre-sale price of the blind box is 100USD (including two MetaElves)
NFT Public Sale Date: May 22;
IDO Date: May 26;
Game Launch Date: May 28;
According to our observation of this limited amount of Genesis NFT, and other projects’ Genesis NFT & IDO as well , there could be a potential profit in future for purchase of Genesis NFT & IDO at the early stage.
Later Reality Server will be developed, where Blockchain players and Reality server players can interact with each other. Then a Social Platform will be developed as well, where MELT Tipping function, Player UGC Creation Workshops (e.g. emoji) and irregular Lucky Draw activities will be implemented.

Creation and Burning Mechanisms

Game Prediction
MetaElfLand will develop a Game Prediction function, where players without playing the game, can guess which team will win in the E-sports(TMT) arena. The system will automatically adjusts the odds based on how much players bet. Players, who predict correctly will get a part of the prize pool as awards!
TMT(The Metaverse Tournament)
TMT(The Metaverse Tournament) is a creative gameplay of MetaElfLand, which serves as functions of consuming MELT and attracting players from non-blockchain servers.
Players, who want to participate TMT(E-sports), need to buy tickets before entry. As a creative gameplay, players don’t use their own NFT(MetaElves) in the battlefield, whereas the system will distributed the MetaElves with random attributes to participants. This gameplay later serves as an interaction connector between blockchain players and reality server players.
80% of all TMT ticket revenues go into the prize pool, and the remaining 20% should be allocated as follows:
• 25% are automatically converted into $MELTs or BNC and are burnt.
• 37.5% is for the system maintenance.
• 37.5% are put into the DeFi mining pool to increase liquidity, or allocated to the Ecological Fund.
• The bonus range is set according to the number of participants, and bonuses are distributed to the winning players according to the scheduled proportion.
MELT Consumption
Unlike AXIE, MetaElfLand’s governance token MELT is not limited to governance, voting and other functions. It has the following further use cases, as follows:
• Purchases NFT.
• Once players’ energy in the game run out, MELT or Badges are used for recovery.
• When a NFT(MetaElf) is lack of hormone and not able to breed, MELT and items are consumed for recovery.
• Players, who stake MELT, can activate a P2E acceleration(x2 or x3 times of speed) function, and an exclusive chapter is available for them to explore.
• NFT(MetaElf) evolution consumes MELT and Items (Evolution needs to consume four MetaElves to reach a 100% success rate.)
• In Metasoft IDO Platform, part of revenues are used for buyback of MELT / BNC.
BNC Consumption
Tokens are also consumed in MetaElfLand, for example:
• Participating P2P, consumes BNC;
• Breeding consumes BNC and Items;
• In the game store, badges can be used to purchase various items, such as Health Potions(100% healthy in red color, 80% healthy in pink color), Breeding Items and Evolution Items.
There are five treasure chests in the game. To received rewards, players need to finish tasks of different difficulty, such as PVE, Breeding, PVP, consumptions, etc. Players can open a treasure chest per day with items and tokens inside, and badges can be only obtained from PVP in the game.
From the consumption mechanism, Purchasing of NFT(MetaElf), Health Recovery, NFT(MetaElf) Breeding and Evolution, take MELT and BNC. So we can see that MetaElfLand’s economic system is built based on players, MetaElf(NFT) and MELT/BNC by forming a benign closed loop.

How to earn from the game?

There are many ways for P2E in the game, it is mainly divided into the following sections:
• Receives BNC from the daily PVE; • Participates in TMT, and win the game to receive MELT; • Wins the competition in PVP to receive rewards in MELT and BNC; • Breeds MetaElf and sell it out; • TMT Game Prediction; • Rewards from Staking;
• NFT sponsored by various game projects, to be distributed to player through in game blind box. We can see from the above details that even players without NFT(MetaElf), can earn from staking and game prediction.

About NFT

Similar to Pokemon Go, MetaElfLand is a half turn-base and half real-time game on chain, which is going to launch on May. Let’s see how to play this game.
NFT Introduction MetaElfLand’s NFT is called MetaElf, which is available for purchase in MELT. MetaElves have totally five different elements including light, dark, water, fire and nature. Dark and light elements restrain each other; wa- ter is strong against fire; fire is strong against nature; nature is strong against water.
From the game main interface, MetaElf’s element, level, rarity, skill and status etc are displayed by clicking “MetaElf” button.
You can see various values from the official white paper, but what we would like to introduce here are the breeding details, marked as 1 and 2 on the image, which are different from the other game projects.
By clicking Gender Switch button(marked as 1), pay Gender Switch Card and then you switch the gender of your NFT(MetaElf). There is a limited purchase time for Gender Switch Card in the game store, where you pay in MELT.
Initially hormone of a MetaElf has full value (100%, Red color) for breed- ing. Each time of breeding consumes 20 points(20%) of hormone. Once a MetaElf’s hormone is too low, the eggs, produced from breeding, might be broken. At this time, Health Potions can be used to recover a MetaElf’s hormone.
Health Potion can be obtained in PVE. When it runs out, you can buy it through in-game store, and badges are consumed. Badges can be ob- tained in PVP.
In the game main interface, by clicking the “Breeding” button, players enter the breeding interface. Players are required to put one female MetaElf and one male MetaElf into the breeding slots and pay BNC and Breeding item to start breeding. Light and Dark elements MetaElves ad- ditionally consumes special items for breeding.
Players can set three couples of MetaElves into three breeding slots, and one couple of MetaElves can breed 5 pieces of eggs at most.
If a MetaElf’s hormone is too low, the eggs from breeding might be bro- ken. A broken egg takes up the times of breeding. To lower the risk of breeding a broken egg, players are suggested to make sure MetaElf’s hormone is well maintained. Hormone is 100 points (100%) in full value, and 20 points (20%) are deducted for each time of breeding.
MetaElves have a different quantity of evolution stages, which is from one at least to four at most. Once a MetaElf reaches its highest evolution stage, it will not obtain any experience through the battlefield.
To assure 100% success rate for evolution, totally four MetaElves, evolu- tion potion and MELT are required. Once a MetaElf reaches its highest evolution stage, its passive skill, if any, will be activated.
Evolution potion can be obtained in PVE. Once it runs out, players can buy it through in-game store with MELT or BNC.

How to play the game?

There are totally five treasure chests. To obtain the corresponding re- wards, players need to finish various tasks in different difficulty, such as PVE, Breeding, PVP and consumptions. Players can open one treasure chest per day with items and tokens inside.
By clicking the “Adventure” button on the bottom right corner, players enter the PVE mode. MetaElfLand’s PvE adventure have different maps with multiple layers. There is a total of twelve (12) chapters, and each chapter has ten (10) levels. A higher difficulty presents a higher reward to every player.
Players can obtain chest fragments, evolution potions or breeding items(randomly). To win a battle against a BOSS, players can receive more rewards, such as eggs and BNC, displayed on the below image.
Players can activate the auto-play mode. Each battle consumes 3 points of energies, while a battle against a BOSS takes 6 points of energies. Players can use MELT or Badges to recover energy.
Players, who stake MELT, can obtain x2 and x3 times acceleration in P2E, and an exclusive chapter is available for them to explore.
With chest fragment, players get treasure chest in game store, and completion of daily task is not required. Players can obtain tokens and items from the treasure chest.
Players can open eggs obtained from the game, by paying the transaction fee.
To join the PVP arena, players will need to pay in BNC to get the ticket and enter a room with 6 players, where they can challenge the other five(5) players at most per day. Player’s ranking is determined by the scores. Player gets three (3) points for a victory, and one (1) point for a draw, but no point will be given for losing the game. Ranking is set as follows: Undetermined, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Master.
PVP arena starts a new season every two weeks, where season prize is awarded at the end of a season, and players are matched to play against each other based on their levels. Rewards are given in $MELT and Badges, which are issued according to the airdrop rules of the nodes at that time.
TMT(E-sports), The Metaverse Tournament
TMT is already introduced comprehensively, where players can also earn from the Game Prediction. TMT is a creative gameplay of MetaElfLand, and the other game projects don’t even have that feature. Players buy tickets to participate TMT. MetaElves are distributed by the system to players to compete with each other(without using player’s own MetaElf).
If you are a game master(e.g. Pokemon Go), who do not want to purchase NFT or play in PVE & PVP but are confident in the development of the game, or the rewards from TMT attract you, then you don’t need to purchase MetaElf or evolve MetaElf, but just buy a ticket to participate TMT. You compete with these game master and win in the game to get a quick return.
What we need to pay attention is that at the early stage, players don’t need a MetaElf but buy a ticket to participate TMT, whereas I still suggest players to get at least one MetaElf. Firstly you can investigate and practice the functions and usages of various skills of the NFT(MetaElf), so as to increase your chances of winning in the competition. Secondly if there is any updates in the rules of the game, a low cost NFT(MetaElf) from the early stage can just be very useful.

At the End

From the official introduction of MetaElfLand, it will become a connector between Metaverse and Reality server game at later stage. As long as it appeals to Reality server(off-chain) players, the interaction between players on-chain and players off-chain can be realized.
MetaElfLand is better to launch as soon as it can, and develops along with the GameFi industry by making good use of the current recovery stage. Once the scheduled road map is continuously realized, the MetaElfLand community is getting bigger and bigger and the project in return is also developed by the community, then a virtuous cycle is built successfully!