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MetaElfLand Ver: 1.0.27

August 12, 2022
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New Features

1. Update Tips

Now when player is disconnected or the version profile is wrong, a reminder will pop up asking players to reconnect or refresh the browser.

2. Preview of Breeding Information

Now in the window of synthesis-list for the filtered MetaElf, the functions and features of the target MetaElf are displayed.

3. The Combat Briefing Window

When a player chooses to use a skill in combat, a description of that skill will be displayed.

4. The Items with Purchasing Limit

MELT store is added a new purchasable item: "Gender Conversion Card".
Players can purchase it once a week, and it will disappear after being used or staying for longer than six days.

5. The diagram shows the functions and MetaElf features.

When player logs into the Arena, accordingly MetaElves from the team, are tagged with special corner marks, to distinguish them from the ones of the team when player logs into the Adventure.
When a MetaElf is from both the team for Arena and the one for Adventure, the Arena corner mark will be displayed first.


1. Sorting Optimization

Now all lists of MetaElf will be sorted in a more reasonable way to make it easier for players to quickly select a MetaElf.

2. The Intensity Optimization in the Arena’s Promotion Event

Now in the Arena’s promotion event, based on player’s ranking, player will be matched with a competitor in a more reasonable level of intensity.

3. Time-limited Item Rule

Now when a player uses items with a time limit, the system will preferentially consume the one with a shorter time limit.


1. Post-devour Data Repair

Fixed the post-devour data exception reported by players, and it is normal now.

2. Race Sorting Rule

Fixed the race classification from the list of MetaElf sorting, and now it can be displayed correctly by race.
August 12, 2022
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