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MetaElfLand Ver: 1.0.32

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New Updates

1. The Game Store

· Adjust the exchange ratio of BNC to Melt;

2. Leaderboard

· Add leaderboard function;
· Include the combat power leaderboard and the arena ranking leaderboard.

3. MetaElf Interface

· Add display for the number of times of a NFT MetaElf using hormone potion.

4. Combat

· Increase the attack ability of some skills.

5. Economy

· Based on the ranking, the arena reward is divided into stepwise levels, which is no longer a fixed one.

6. Repair

· Fix a BUG that players breed once only under certain conditions resulting in completion of the "Breed Three Times" daily task.
The Mysterious Gifts are already sent out to players, please kindly check them!
If you have at least 2 usable NFT MetaElves (excluding MetaElf eggs) in the account, and your registration time is not later than 2022-8-26 UTC + 0:00:00, please kindly check the Mysterious Gifts in your account!
For any questions about MetaElfLand, please kindly contact us by sending email to [email protected]
September 1, 2022
Team of MetaElfLand

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