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MetaElfLand Ver: 1.0.38

September 22, 2022
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New Updates

1. Added USDT Top Up function through website, as well as USDT withdrawal function (in the next update) ;

2. Added USDT Blind Box in the lottery interface, the reward is NFT MetaElf;

3. Added new item page in USDT in the store;

4. Added “Platinum”as the new ranking to the arena;

5. Decreased the difficulty of the ranking Gold 5;

6. Added the defensive lineup in the arena:

(1) A MetaElf can not be in both the attacking and defensive lineups;
(2) When a player challenges another player in the arena, he/she will play against his/her opponent's defensive lineup;
(3) A new restriction of “Requiring at least two NFT MetaElves” is added to the arena lineup;
(4) The ranking of combat power leaderboard will be based on the player's higher combat power from either player's attacking or defensive lineups;
(5) The players’ ranking in the arena leaderboard will be based on the combat power of players’ defensive lineups;

7. The leaderboard’s combat power calculation includes the title’s mark-up;

8. Removed the adventure fragment mechanism:

(1) Instead of adventure fragment, BNC is airdropped in the adventure mode.
(2) For the daily task, the originally task related to the adventure treasure chest is changed to collecting BNC;
(3) Removed the adventure chest from the store;
(4) For the main task, the tasks related to the adventure treasure chest, are removed;
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September 22, 2022
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