MetaElfLand ver 1.0.15 International Version

Smooth gameplay experience PC Desktop Edition Mobile H5 Version

1.0.15 version update

1) Material improvement on the web version on both PC and mobile platform.
2) Reduce the loading time of the game.
3) Gameplay experience improved, no longer get stucked after pve/pvp matches
4) Improved CPU / GPU consumption while playing on a generic browser
1) This international version is based on the 1.15 version! 1.15BUG needs to be fixed in the next version.
2) Mobile phone H5 version, mobile phone requirements are relatively high. If there's a problem with burning, flashback, etc. It is recommended to use a desktop version of the experience.
3) Currently UI does not support the following devices:
· All IPAD and other flat-panel devices include Android flat-panel
· Device performance before IP7 may not be very compatible.
4) The data from the original 1.15 version and the international 1.15 version are out of sync.
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MetaElfLand ver 1.0.15 International Version
1.0.15 version update