How to Buy a MetaElf
MetaElf is a NFT asset and a necessary role to participate in the game. To obtain a MetaElf, players can breed in game and exchange with others, or players can purchase directly through the marketplace. Kindly please follow the below steps to get your MetaElf in our marketplace.
Step 1: Open MetaElfLand's official website (, and click "Marketplace".
Step 2: Enter the marketplace and click "My Wallet" in the upper right corner to connect your wallet.
Step 3: Pick up the MetaElf you like through the filtering and sorting functions provided by the interface.
Step 4: Click the MetaElf you choose, and enter its details page. Kindly make sure your wallet amount is sufficient, then click "Buy Now".
Step 5: Confirm again, and the transaction is done!
Step 6: Click "My Wallet" to enter the user asset details page, and then click "NFT" to view your new MetaElf!
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