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Dimension Evaluation

1. Race Level

Race Level is reflected in the MetaElf’s image and its Gem Color, which affects the initial attribute value and its attribute growth.
When players at the beginning can’t figure out the relationship between race level and image, they can actually distinguish the race level by the color of the gem. Green Gem represents a Common MetaElf, Blue Gem represents a Rare MetaElf, Purple Gem represents an Epic MetaElf, and Orange Gem represents a Legendary MetaElf. Gems are displayed at the bottom of a MetaElf’s thumbnail, marked in the Red Box as below:
Kindly please refer to below image for details:
As can be seen from the example of the attribute values on the right side of the image above, the range of the initial attribute values is different for different Race Level. When they are at the same Attribute Lv1, for high race level MetaElf, its minimum attribute value is bigger than the maximum attribute value of the lower race level MetaElf.

2. Quality Level

Quality Level is reflected in the color of the frame of a MetaElf, which affects the number of skills.
Green Frame represents a Common Quality MetaElf with 1 skill; Blue Frame represents a Rare Quality MetaElf with 2 skills; Purple Frame represents an Epic Quality MetaElf with 3 skills; Orange Frame represents a Legendary Quality MetaElf with 4 skills.

3. Star Level

Star Level is displayed as a number of Gem Holes, both in a MetaElf’s thumbnail and the detailed evolution page of a MetaElf. Star Level shows a MetaElf’s evolvable times.
The initial state of a MetaElf’s Star Level is displayed as the above image for example. After each evolution, a corresponding gem is filled in the hole. A Star Level is not related to the color of gem, which represents a Race Level.
The below image shows MetaElves evolved to their highest Star Level.

4. Attribute Rating

Attribute Rating of a MetaElf, is displayed as D, C, B, A, S, SS, both in a MetaElf’s thumbnail and the detailed attribute comprehensive rating page of a MetaElf. It reflects a MetaElf’s basic attribute value.
Attribute ratings rank as D, C, B, A, S, SS, SS + 1, ... SS + 99(from the lowest rating to the highest rating). For a MetaElf with rating higher than SS, its thumbnail only shows as SS, and the exact rating (SS + 1 to SS + 99) can be viewed on its details page. A composite rating is the average rating of all attributes, and each attribute has its own specific rating.
The attribute rating shows the attribute evaluation of a MetaElf in its race level. D represents the bottom range of a MetaElf’s attribute value in its race level. SS and SS + represent the top range of a MetaElf’s attribute value in its race level.
For Example:

5. DNA Level

DNA Level has an important role in a MetaElf’s breeding.
The higher a parents’ DNA level are, the greater the chance of breeding a higher race level offspring is. DNA levels play a very important role in race transitions. To produce a MetaElf of higher race level, players have to firstly raise the DNA level.
To sum up, the overall evaluation of a MetaElf is composed of the above five components. Players need to evaluate a MetaElf comprehensively, and cultivate the most suitable MetaElf according to their own demands.