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Adventure mode can be challenged in three (3) levels of difficulty: simple, normal, and hard. These are then divided into twelve (12) chapters, each containing ten (10) stages of levels with each having a boss. After defeating the boss, players will move to a higher level. Winning the boss of the 10th level will clear the chapter and enter the next one.
PvE Chapter Selection
Items are gained in each level independently, and theirs quality and quantity improve stage by stage. Players will only be able to challenge the boss after defeating a certain amount of monsters (usually five). Bosses are strong and special items are dropped accordingly, so it is also recommended that players challenge the boss manually rather than using the “auto” battle feature. If you lose in a battle, the monsters and bosses can be challenged again.
PvE Adventure
In PvE adventure, each stage has an upper limit and reaching the upper limit will result in no items being gained, but players can still gain experience. However, if the capability of the player’s team exceeds the enemy’s, the MetaElves’ experience gained in the battle, will be lessened. And if the gap is too big, no experience will be gained.
End of PvE Battle
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