MetaElfLand - English


I. Basic rules

Arena provides players with a stage to fully display their strength every two (2) weeks. Before entering the arena, players have to pay an entrance fee, and they are finally placed in a random room with a max of six (6) players( at the same level) to challenge every day where challenges cannot be repeated.
After the daily settlement, the top 2 players will be promoted, the last 2 will be downgraded, and the others will be remained.
Arena Entrance
In the arena interface, players are able to see their rank, season rewards, ranking list, and the players they can challenge. Challenging players can easily be done by clicking a player from the list at the right side of the Arena interface.
Arena Interface
Each win rewards players with badges and points. Players get three (3) points for winning, one (1) point for drawing, and no points for losing.
End of PvP Arena
Before challenging, players can set up their team by clicking the “Team” button at the interface. At the Battle preparation interface, players can compare their team with the enemy’s.
PvP Battle Preparation Interface


Badges can be used to purchase items in the Store, and some items can only be purchased with badges such as energy and health potions. Some of the items need players to reach a certain level to unlock, and there is a limited number of purchases which will be periodically refreshed.
Store Interface

III. Other system rules

1.At the end of each day, according to the points for ranking, the top two (2) players can advance to the next level while the bottom two (2) will be demoted.
2.Arena ranking is divided into: “Undetermined", "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold", "Diamond", "Master" for the final decision of the "Challenger". The total number of rankings is generated dynamically.
3.Every week, once the rewards are issued, a player’s rank for the next season will be one rank lower.
Example: It is Silver 2 before the settlement, but downgrades to Bronze 3 after the settlement; It is Diamond 5 before the settlement, but downgrades to Gold 3 after the settlement.
4.Each ranking will have a different quantity of rewards.