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Breeding rules

Players can breed with any two MetaElves in the game, one male and one female, whose hormone is not zero (0) with maximum level and evolution stage. Players can have three (3) couples to breed at once, and through purchase, players can open additional slots for breeding. To start breeding, players need to consume some items, and there will be five (5) eggs bred by a couple. To breed a MetaElf with rare element, it requires additional consumption of special items. All MetaElves with rare elements are bound to have four skills. As the couple breeds, twenty (20) points of hormone are deducted. As the hormone decreases, there will be an increase in chance of having a breeding failure for an egg.
Breeding Interface
The gender of an MetaElf from the offspring eggs is random. And the gender itself does not affect the combat attributes, but affects what will be inherited, with the probability of inheriting the attributes (attack, power, etc.), element, race, rating, quality, gene, level, etc. of the parent with the same gender. If the gene level is higher, the probability of inheriting high-rated attributes is also higher.