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Elemental Restraint

Each MetaElf in the game has its own element attribute which is divided into common attributes and rare attributes. Various attributes restrain each other and affect the MetaElf's combat style.
Common attributes include fire, water and nature, which are cyclically restraining each other.
Rare attributes include light and dark, which are mutually restrained.
The element attribute is determined the moment a MetaElf is born. In the case of common attributes, the element attribute of an offspring is determined by both parents. When the parent elements are the same, the offspring inherits the same element; If parents have different elements, the offspring has a high probability of inheriting one of their element attributes.
If there are light and dark elements in the parents, they can produce an offspring of any common element.
MetaElves with light and dark elements can be obtained by breeding. It requires different elements parents have the same image, and the DNA of both parents needs to at least reach level 30. The higher parents' DNA levels are, the greater the probability of breeding a MetaElf with light or dark elements is.
MetaElves with rare elemental attributes require extra consumption of special items, but MetaElves with rare elemental attribute, are all bound to have four skills.
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