Basic Rules
MetaElves gain experience when winning a battle. After reaching the maximum level per evolution stage (e.g., 1st evolution stage, level 10 max), players will be able to undergo their MetaElves for evolution.
Level up Interface
Once a MetaElf reaches its maximum level, it will not be able to gain experience anymore. At this point, players need to evolve MetaElf to increase its maximum level. This can be seen by clicking the “Elf” button from the main interface where players will see (1) a MetaElf’s current and maximum evolution stage, displayed right below the MetaElf, (2) a MetaElf’s current level, displayed below the evolution stars, and (3) the maximum level per evolution stage, displayed above the “Evolution” button.
MetaElves Interface
To undergo evolution, players are required to consume evolution items, spend tokens, and sacrifice a maximum of 4 MetaElves with the same image. The less MetaElves players sacrifice, the less success rate the evolution will have.
Evolution Interface
MetaElves have different quantity of evolution stages, from one (the minimum) to four( the maximum), which means some MetaElves might have three or four evolution stages. These are displayed as a number of stars. To improve the star level, players shall have two MetaElves with the same image for breeding, then there is a certain probability to produce high star level offspring.
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