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Stamina and Its Output

Stamina can be restored in two (2) ways: refresh by daily recovery and restore through purchasing potions from the store. Stamina value are restored to 120 points every day, but it will not change if it is higher than the upper limit before the refresh.
Main Interface
A battle against small monsters will consume three (3) points of stamina, while challenging the boss will take six (6) points of stamina. It is expected that players will spend forty (40) minutes a day in PvE before their daily stamina run out. Players are free to purchase stamina by winning badges through PvP or purchase it directly with $MELT.
It is expected that players will play for about 1 hour a day. Finish challenging nine (9) players within a day in fifteen (15) minutes or less; evolving or breeding their MetaElves may take ten (10) minutes; scrollling and purchasing should take about five (5) minutes or less; and PvE shall take forty (40) minutes.
In addition, the arena will be reset at a specific time(12pm or 4-5am, to be confirmed). Players who are previously assigned a room for six people will be reassigned based on promotion and elimination. After one week, each player will be assigned a reward based on his or her current room position.