MetaElfLand - English
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PVE Adventure

By clicking the “Adventure” button on the main interface, players enter the adventure world where players need to battle certain number of enemies before being able to challenge the boss. Each battle consumes three (3) points of stamina and fighting the boss will require six (6) points of stamina. Players can choose to restore their stamina by purchasing with $MELT or badges.
PvE Adventure Gameplay
MetaElfLand’s PvE adventure have different maps with multiple layers. There is a total of twelve (12) chapters, and each chapter has ten (10) levels. Players are able to choose the map, difficulty, chapter, and level to play in the chapter selection interface, displayed on the bottom-right corner. Each map has a different number of levels, which are refreshed randomly, where a higher difficulty presents a higher reward.
Each level has an upper limit for rewards and reaching that upper limit will not yield any items, but players can still gain experience. However, if the overall combat value of a player’s team exceeds the enemies, experience gained will be lessened. Likewise, players can choose whether to play manually or turn on the auto battle mode which stops when the boss can finally be challenged (NOTE: bosses are more powerful, so it is recommended to challenge them manually.)