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About MetaElfLand


MetaElfLand, following the way of AXIE, hopes to lead the further development of GameFi & Play to Earn(P2E), and becomes the mark of new fashion in the NFT game. With its built-in P2E mechanism, the game makes players’ interactions much long lasting. Moreover, through the IDO platform, with players together we expand the Pet Metaverse project , which is our focus of further development.
Similar to Pokemon, MetaElfLand is a half-round and half-instant game on chain. Players can buy or breed a variety of MetaElves, and by forming teams, players complete the game's Daily Tasks, PVE, and PVP to get more rewards. In the challenging TMT E-Sports Arena, players compete through tactics and strategy. The first prize winner can get 80% of the grand prize pool. Through this jackpot effect, MetaElfLand continuously attracts more players to join the game.
In order to enhance the Economy Sustainability, MetaElfland takes various measures specifically addressing the hyperinflation within the NFT and tokens. Due to the interaction between MELT, BNC and NFT, their market prices are the face value of MetaElfLand, thus, the anti-hyperinflation system is built around these three factors. Thanks to the great efforts and contributions of our professional economic analyst, Iris(North American Actuary, The Top Scorer in the College Entrance Examination, Graduated from Peking University) we believe that MetaElfland's economic model will be sustainable in the long term.