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The Traditional GameFi Economic Issue

The Traditional GameFi Economic Issue

MetaElfLand General Planning in Advance

MetaElfLand General Planning in Advance
The following mechanism will be implemented to increase the economic sustainability of MetaElfLand.
  • MetaElf Health Mechanism
  • MetaElf Stamina Mechanism
  • NFT Burning / NFT Replacement Mechanism
  • Breeding Limitations
  • Gene Level System
  • Dynamic Consumption & Production Formula
  • Token’s Transaction Fee Burning Mechanism
  • Token’s Buyback Mechanism
  • Mining Pool Liquidity Increase through adding Tokens from Part of the Buyback
  • NFT Leasing Mechanism (it will be available at second stage)
  • Pet Metaverse – Extension of NFT use case (it will be available at second stage)
  • Actively Seek for NFT Sponsors from Other Games. (Provide more benefit to players)
  • NFT Profit Rights Mechanism (They are released on the early stage)

General P2E Economic System Issue

General P2E Economic System Issue

MetaElfland’s scheduled action taken during each economic stage:

Stage 1 -> Stage 2

The game is in its initial stage, and there is an initial uptick as early participants bought MELT tokens and MetaElves NFTs to play the game.
Our Action: Good Marketing = Success at the first stage.

Stage 2 -> Stage 3

Early players started competing against each other and buying more MELT and MetaElves NFTs, which fundamentally increases demand for underlying assets, laying out for subsequent outbreaks.
Our Action: [Amend the Breeding, Evolution & Blind Box Formula --> Gradually Shift the sharp Inflation value of MELT to BNC & NFT --> Maintain the value in Economy --> Increase Sustainability]

Stage 3 -> Stage 4

Games have begun to attract mainstream media, and the bubble of basic assets get bigger. For new starters, the cost of joining the game becomes higher than before. Surging amounts of assets were deployed into large-scale breeding operations. NFTs were pushed to a temporary high price, but rising NFT supply began to drive MELT prices down.
Our Action: [Bubble of NFT appears --> Enable NFT Renting to lower the new starter’s threshold], [Staking promotion plan to decrease the MELT circulation, and Speed up More Pet Metaverse Development --> Increase Sustainability]

Stage 4 -> Stage 1

Due to the lower return on investment than ‘Stage 1 to Stage 3’, some original players might drop out, bringing the price back to a lower level. New players will be attracted by the low price opportunity with more development Ex: [Pet Metaverse] realized in the game.
Our Action: [Play to Earn becomes--> Play for Fun & Play to Earn (Stable Income) & Play for exciting E-Sports (Mature System) to attract more players & Maintain original players] in the long run