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Road Map

Ever-expanding Roadmap of MetaElfLand
It should be noted that MetaElfLand is growing continuously, so there may be additional releases that are not listed in this roadmap, and there may be delays in the development due to unforeseen circumstances. The MetaElfLand team will do the best to deliver on-time and above everyone’s expectations.
Please kindly have a quick reference to our future planing as follows.


MetaElfland's vision is to adopt the Game as A Service model. Over time, new features will be announced and introduced. In addition to the current game mechanisms, players will be able to earn from selling ElfLand, furnitures, and other consumables in the extended game through Pet Metaverse. For example:


ElfLand is a game in which players, in the future, can take part in various activities, including all kinds of consumptions inside the Metaverse game. In the planning of MetaElfLand, players can jointly build the Elf future home. Through the official SDK, players can design their own land construction, and the building of homeland [NFT can be created]. Furthermore, players can have priority to get incomes from their home building, and enjoy a variety of simulation games. [For example: Elf Restaurant, Elf Homeland]


We will create a MetaSoft IDO platform and part of the proceeds may be used to buy back the MELT/BNC and send them to the burnt address.
Through the IDO platform under construction by MetaSoft, MetaElfLand will have more cooperative promotion channels in the future. Further, we will bring more game partners to MetaSoft’s IDO platform to launch new projects, so as to jointly promote each other's game projects.
Introduction to the MetaSoft IDO Trading Market
Auction Section, Trading Section, NFT Staking Farming Pool Section and LP Farm Section (Four Sections in Total)

1-2. Auction and Trading Section

The trading market is divided into two sections, one trading section and one auction section. The trading market is where NFT holders offer prices to allow other players to buy, while MetaSoft's NFT auction market is even more interesting. The next bidder is demanded to add a fixed 10% in price of the previous bidder’s offering. Even if the previous bidders do not finally win the NFT, they will be rewarded 20% of the premium from the next bidders.
For Example: Mr. Chow launches XXX NFT in the MetaSoft auction market with a price at 100 BNB.
Andy offers the first bid at 100 BNB. The next offer from Bonnie is 10% higher than Andy's, so Bonnie's offering price is: 100 + 100 x 10% = 110 BNB.
Bonnie outbids Andy finally, but Andy will get 20% awards from this premium, which is 100*10%*20% = 2 BNB. Mr. Zhou will get 80% award from this premium, which is 100*10%*80% = 8 BNB. In the meantime, Andy's offer will be fully refunded.
In the event that the auction closes or no further bids are made, the transfer of assets between Mr. Zhou, Andy, and Bonnie is as follows:
Bonnie pays 110 BNB and gets the NFT from Mr. Zhou; Andy receives 2 BNB; Mr. Zhou sells the NFT for 108 BNB.
In addition, MetaSoft will charge Mr. Zhou 3% for service fee, which is 108*3% = 3.24 BNB. So Mr. Zhou receives 108-3.24 = 104.76 BNB from this auction finally.

3. MetaSoft NFT Staking Farming Pool Section

NFT (characters, game equipments, Elves, etc.) is a crypto asset in blockchain games. In the design of MetaSoft GameFi System , a specific NFT is also a "mining machine”. According to the type of the NFT, different NFT also has different "computational power”, which can be generated through the staking for earning tokens. In the future, in MetaSoft’s IDO platform, Mining NFT can be offered in a Limited Computing Power Elf Series, and from other partners’ NFT series. In the future, according to the series‘ popularity, rarity and other dimensions of classification, Mining NFT can be divided into different levels of computing power, corresponding to different basic computing power. Players can earn $MELT by staking NFT with mining attribute into the farming pool.
As the MetaSoft IDO ecosystem continues to evolve, more and more other Big V or other game projects’ NFT will join in the MELT mining in the future. Please stay tuned.
Brief Description about How to Stake NFT for Revenue
The MetaSoft farming pool is the primary site where users stake NFT for revenue, and all tokens in the pool will be allocated according to the proportion of computing power of the NFT staked by users. According to the planning design of economic model, 3% of each MetaElfLand transaction fee will be injected into the NFT pool. With the growth of MetaElfLand IP related applications, revenue will be continuously generated from the MetaSoft farming pool.

4. MetaSoft LP Farm Section

In the future, users will be able to stake their crypto assets, such as MELT, as LP to MetaSoft Farming Pool for revenue. The MetaSoft Farm will offer MELT and other game incubator projects for users’ choices. In order to better serve the GameFi projects hatched by MetaSoft IDO platform, MetaSoft Farms Section will base on the Genesis NFT, such as MetaElfLand Computing Power Series NFT, to speed up the players’ LP and increase their revenues.


We believe that games are not only for fun, but also for connecting with people and making friends. The most important thing is that playing games can improve the quality of our life. Therefore, MetaSoft makes a strategic equity investment into Showpay. In the future, with its help, we will build our own social platforms & NFT market that quickly connect players around the world. Just like in a micro-society, this will allow players to connect and interact in the game and social platform. [Finally a MELT tipping function will be implemented]