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Team & Advisor

Continuous development and maintenance are the solid foundation for the MetaElfLand project. Through the regular innovation of functions, the optimization of picture quality, and the upgrading of the engine, the team will make the game more interesting & playable, and promote the continuous prosperity of the entire MetaElfLand ecology.
Team & Advisor
Team & Advisor
Our core team is composed of various professionals including, Certified Practicing Accountant (Jason Kwok), Actuary – Top Scorer in National College Entrance Examination 2004 – (Silvia Chou), Early Binance Angel Investor – (Kevin Lu), GameFi Marketing Expert (Noah Song & Ratskie Calma) & Sophisticated Game Developer (Kidd Li, Allen Shen) with top-notch expertise, holding prestigious positions and degrees as well as broad experience and extensive knowledge in their fields.