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A Major Update for MetaElfLand

MetaElfLand is about to launch a major update, please kindly make the following preparations before 10pm on September 22.

1. As the update will adjust the daily task, please complete the daily task of September 22 before the update!
2. As the update will remove the adventure fragment mechanism, please use up the remaining adventure fragment in advance!

Maintenance time for Version update : 22:00~24:00 Hong Kong time, September 22

MetaElfLand 1.0.38 version update

1. Added USDT Top Up function through website, as well as USDT withdrawal function (in the next update) ;

2. Added USDT Blind Box in the lottery interface, the reward is NFT MetaElf;

3. Added new item page in USDT in the store;

4. Added “Platinum”as the new ranking to the arena;

5. Decreased the difficulty of the ranking Gold 5;

6. Added the defensive lineup in the arena:

(1) A MetaElf can not be in both the attacking and defensive lineups;
(2) When a player challenges another player in the arena, he/she will play against his/her opponent's defensive lineup;
(3) A new restriction of “Requiring at least two NFT MetaElves” is added to the arena lineup;
(4) The ranking of combat power leaderboard will be based on the player's higher combat power from either player's attacking or defensive lineups;
(5) The players’ ranking in the arena leaderboard will be based on the combat power of players’ defensive lineups;

7. The leaderboard’s combat power calculation includes the title’s mark-up;

8. Removed the adventure fragment mechanism:

(1) Instead of adventure fragment, BNC is airdropped in the adventure mode.
(2) For the daily task, the originally task related to the adventure treasure chest is changed to collecting BNC;
(3) Removed the adventure chest from the store;
(4) For the main task, the tasks related to the adventure treasure chest, are removed;
For any questions about MetaElfLand, please kindly contact us by sending email to [email protected]
September 22, 2022
Team of MetaElfLand

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