MetaElfLand - English

Daily Tasks

Main Interface
There are a lot of daily tasks waiting for players to complete in MetaElfLand every day. Each daily treasure chest will have tasks for players to complete, then collect the rewards. As each task is completed, the progress bar will slowly move up. Once it approached 100%, players will receive rewards from the corresponding daily treasure chest.
Task Interface
The daily tasks are divided into five (5) levels of difficulty, which correspond to the task groups of the five (5) daily treasure chests. The level of difficulty is progressively increased. Each group of tasks is prepared with a variety of content from PvE to PvP and others.
Players can take up to five (5) treasure chests within one day, but each treasure chest can only be obtained once a day. Unlike other P2E games where players are only required to play in PvP and PvE, daily tasks is presented as an encouragement for players to take part or participate actively in all of the game’s contents in exchange for big rewards. Therefore, the task content is roughly planned as follows:
PvE: includes the completion of a specified number of small monster combat or BOSS combat, and consumes a specified amount of energy.
Breeding: includes breeding MetaElves, obtaining MetaElf eggs (including purchase), MetaElf upgrades, and obtaining a MetaElf of a certain rarity or strength.
PvP: includes participation in the arena, participation in The Metaverse Tournament (TMT); wins in the arena; and wins in TMT.
Transaction types: includes placing items and MetaElves on the shelf, and purchases thereof in the trading store.
Other types: includes purchases in-store, opening blind boxes, consuming gold coins, and so on.
The treasure chests contain different items, gold coins, breeding props, evolutionary props and so on. In addition, players can also go to the store to use daily task badges, PvP badges, etc., to buy treasure chests.