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MetaElfLand ver:1.0.17 Description (Testing Server)

International Demo

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PC Desktop H5 Version
Mobile H5 Version

Asia-Pacific Demo

PC Desktop Link
Baidu Netdisk
Access Code:s2pv

Game Notice

1. For H5 and Mobile web version, if you have played the game before, please firstly clear the cache before playing the game again.
2. The Genesis MetaElves are in the initial account’s backpack. Players need to get them from the backpack, and 2 or 5 MetaElves are given randomly.
3. For Asia-Pacific demo, please use “http://” instead of “https://” for the link address, otherwise it will not be able to connect to the server.
4. Currently this version does not support the resolutions of tablets such as IPAD, etc.

New Features

1. The initial test treasure chests are added, where players can gain Genesis MetaElves.
2. The countdown of the gender conversion card is no longer valid.
3. Automatic breeding function needs to be checked, otherwise the breeding will take place one by one.
4. Raffle function includes BNC raffle and MELT raffle, and every day there are free tickets given to players.
5. In each breeding, if one NFT MetaElf is sacrificed, then randomly one attribute value will be increased. At most four NFT MetaElves could be sacrificed and four attributes values will be increased.
6. Badges will be given, even players lose the game in PVP arena.
7. The game growth function introduction will be displayed, after players lose in the PVP arena.

Game Optimization

1. The shield value will not be deducted after the health value is reduced.
2. Game overall economic system updates (store items prices, arena output, raffle prices).
3. PVE adventure resource displays the specifically available items limit to be dropped out, and the items which are already dropped out in the game.
4. 10 players are included in one room in the PVP arena.
5. Add ICON name to the resource bar.
6. Optimize daily task content.
7. Reduce PVE handling fee.