Combat Attributes

A. Defensive

1) Health Point: Determines a MetaElf’s health.
2) Defense: Counteracts damage.
3) Shield: Counteracts damage. Under a single attack, shield value -2. Under a group attack, shield value -1. When shield value is 0, defense is reduced by 65%.

B. Offensive

1) Attack: Offensive attribute, deducts a target's HP.
2) Coefficient: Attack attribute, adjusts the MetaElf's attack power.
3) Speed: Attack attribute, determines the order of attack (from the highest to the lowest).
4) Critical Strike Rate: Offensive attribute, triggers additional damage.
5) Critical Strike Damage Rate: Offensive attribute, affects the amount of damage (max 200%).
6) Hit Rate: Offensive attribute, determines the chance of damage-type buff hitting (min 50%).

C. Action power

1) Action power

Right at the start of a battle, MetaElf takes action based on speed. The faster a MetaElf is, the greater power of action it has. The maximum action value is 100. After a MetaElf finishes its action, the action value goes down to 0. Moving on to the next round, all MetaElves’ action values start increasing. One can take action once its action value reaches 100. If various MetaElves’ values reach 100 at the same time, the one with the highest speed starts its action first. On the battlefield, when there is no MetaElf's action value > = 100, it is a Bye-Round where b) Formula(as below) machanisim is implemented, which is to make sure in each round there is at least one MetaElf being able to take action with its action value > = 100.

2) Formula

A addition formula is implemented into Bye-Round. Assuming a maximum action value is at 70 at this point in the battlefield, MetaElves' default action value restores 12, which is then multiplied by 3 (12x3), so as to make sure at least there is one MetaElf being able to take action in one round with its atction value (default action value restoration + action power buff) (70+12*3=106)>=100.

3) Action Value Restoration

For each round, action power restores a specific value. Default value: 100/Battlefield.
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