How to Create BNB(BSC) Address
MetaElfLand is a project based on BNB chain(BSC), so players need to create a BNB(BSC) address. At present, there are many wallets on the market that support BNB chain. Take XXXX, Token Pocket (TP) and other applications as examples to teach you how to create a BNB(BSC) address.

XXXX APP Tutorial

Step 1: Open XXXX official website, and find "App Download".
Step 2: Enter the download interface, find the version that matches your application device and download it.
Step 3: Install after downloading, then open the app after installation and select Create wallet.
When you enter XXXX app for the first time, you will see the options of "create wallet" and "import wallet" after crossing the introduction. Select "create wallet".
Step 4: Set the password and enter it again to confirm.
Note: Please keep your password properly. Password verification is required for subsequent login, asset transfer and other operations.
Step 5: Add BNB(BSC) Chain Wallet and click the arrow at the bottom of the interface to enter the next step.
Step 6: Back up mnemonic words and verify them (XXXX app has made security settings for this interface, so screenshots are not allowed, and mnemonic words need to be copied manually).
The user needs to click the mnemonic words at the bottom of the interface in the correct order to verify, slide to the bottom after completion, and select the arrow to enter the wallet interface.
Step 7: Complete the wallet registration process and view the information in the wallet.
XXXX app provides a good summary of projects in the ecosystem, where you can easily view your own NFT and encrypted assets.

Token Pocket (TP) Wallet Tutorial

Step 1: Download and install the TP Wallet APP.
URL:, select the corresponding wallet version according to your device after entering.
Step 2: Taking the android version as an example. After downloading the TP Wallet, click to open and create a wallet. Usually the first time you enter TP Wallet, there will be options such as "Create Wallet" and "Import Wallet", here you should choose "Create Wallet".
Note: Choose to create a BNB(BSC) chain wallet, and then set a password according to the prompts, and then clicking "Create Wallet" at the bottom of the interface.
Step 3: Backing up the mnemonic phrase (Vital)
In addition to the password, the mnemonic phrase is an important tool for restoring the wallet and must be backed up. At the same time, it is recommended to write it down instead of storing it by means of screenshot.
Step 4: Verifying the mnemonic.
According to the interface prompts and backup mnemonic words, click each word in the correct order to verify, and finally click the confirm button.
Step 5: Creating a BNB(BSC) address successfully!
Click on the "+" sign in the upper right corner to display the token assets you want to display through the Token contract search.(XXXX)
What if you want to use the BNB(BSC) wallet on your computer? This can be achieved through MetaMask. MetaMask is a plug-in type Ethereum wallet that is used on Google Chrome. You only need to add the corresponding extension to Google Chrome.

MetaMask Tutorial

Step 1: Download and install (URL:
Click Download now to jump to the client operating system selection interface.
After the installation is complete, click on the fox logo in the upper right corner of the browser, and then you can import your wallet or create a new wallet.
Step 2: Add the BNB(BSC) chain.
MetaMask does not have the BNB(BSC) chain by default, so you need to add it manually. Click on the blockchain network at the top of the MetaMask interface, and then select custom RPC.
Fill in the following information one by one, and click save:
Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:
Later, you can see that there is an extra option for BNB(BSC) Chain. You can import your existing BNB(BSC) account private key into MetaMask.
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