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Official announcement of MetaElfLand
The BSC network is congested due to the large number of people buying NFT in an instant, which brings you a bad experience, we’re so sorry for such inconvenience! In order to give all whitelisted players a good pre-sale experience, MetaElfLand suspended this activity in 15 minutes since the start of the event. Here, we express the most sincere apology to every player!
MetaElfLand technical team is in the process of making more optimizing to node selection and NFT related functions, and we expect to resume this pre-sale activity on May 25, 2022.
In order to make it proceed smoothly, the resumed pre-sale activity will last for 6 hours, and MetaElfLand guarantees a sufficient amount of NFT. During this period, each player, with a whitelisted address, can purchase a box. Every whitelisted player can buy their own MetaElves and the price is unchanged.
For players, who have bought the NFT successfully yesterday, please don’t worry, and your purchase and NFT are valid!
Regarded to the specific pre-sale time, please stay tuned for further information from our official announcement!
Thank you for your kind patience and understanding. MetaElfLand will go further and longer with your support!
The Entire MetaElfLand Team
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