MetaElfLand - English

Mission and Vision

MetaElfLand wishes to provide player the following gaming experience.

• Play to Earn & Play for Fun (Interesting & Exciting)

In GameFi Market P2E is one of the main demand. MetaElfLand wish to become the benign successor to P2E mechanism after AXIE. Further, the game is more exciting than we can imagine, with every player getting a chance to win a grand prize every week through E-sports.
We believe E-Sports is undeveloped treasure in the market which has many potentials in growing players in long run. Take a game with a $100,000 prize pool for example, players have to buy tokens of equal value to get the tickets in order to enter the match, whereas the winner’s award/token will be released within eight weeks [Release 12.5% per week]. Currently we schedule the E-Sports match to be held once a week.

• Play for Achievement

For players who care for their achievement in the game, MetaElfLand take it seriously and design a grading in PVP battle, so players at a specific range of leader board can get their rewards. After completing each PVP challenge, a message is displayed to explain the player's ranking changes, and this is to satisfy the player's need for a desire of accomplishment in the game.

• Play for Time Pass

MetaElfLand is a leisure game that you can play in the odd few minutes. This allows more people with spare time to come in playing the game. Living in the fast-paced modern life, sometimes we need a few minutes to relax ourselves. Then, to play a leisure game for distraction is a way to better deal with our lives. Designed according to our investigation, firstly, one match in MetaElfLand lasts 2-4 minutes. Secondly there is an energy limitation to play the game, once it runs out, players can use MELD to restore the energy and continue to play the game.

• Play for Relaxation (Easy to Play)

For those busy players, who don't want to spend too much energy in the game, MetaElfLand's simple and automated battle function, make it the best choice of game for their spare time.

• Play for Inter-Connection with Friends

We believe that games are not only for fun, but also for connecting with people and making friends. The most important thing is that playing games can improve the quality of our life. Therefore, MetaSoft makes a strategic equity investment into Show. In the future, with its help, we will build our own social platforms that quickly connect players around the world. Just like in a micro-society, this will allow players to connect and interact in the game and social platform. [Finally a MELT tipping function will be implemented]

• Play for More Scenes

In the near future, MetaSoft will set up its own IDO platform to seek for further cooperation with other project parties. More games will be jointly promoted. More diversified benefits will be given to our players. [For example: enables other games’ NFT to be included in the MetaElfLand’s NFT blind box]

• Play for Smooth Gaming Experience

Congestion and high gas fees have always been confining various GameFi. To this end, MetaSoft unites a number of professional teams to establish MVC Foundation, and jointly created Metaverse Chain. In the future, MetaElfLand will be implemented and cross-chained to Metaverse Chain, so as to elevate user game experience further.

• Play with Non-Blockchain Player

(A free PC & Android version will be released in the future.)
In addition to P2E, MetaElfLand also focuses on the continuous improvement of the fair playing field experience in the game. In the future, we may try to set up a non-blockchain server [Reality Server], which will add more fair playing fun for players from cross-servers PVP [Items from Reality Server and Blockchain Server can not be traded and exchanged]
MetaElf Character and MetaElves
Players can collect countless unique MetaElves that have different attributes, appearances, and skills which all play different roles and effects in a game. By cultivating them, after meeting the right conditions, their MetaElves can evolve thus improving their stats.