Attribute and Quality Inheritance
The ratings, which are displayed on the right side of a MetaElf’s attributes in the “Elf interface”, are ranked as D, C, B, A, S, SS, SS+1, ….SS+99 (from the lowest one to the highest one). If both parents have the same rating for an attribute, it is highly likely that an offspring will have a better rating; if parents' attributes are rated as SS, accordingly their offspring’s attributes rating will be one point higher. Similarly, parents with a high gene increase this probability.
Example: The father has SS(+n) rating for attack and B rating for defense, and a male offspring is born. If the male offspring inherit a SS rating for attack, finally it generates a SS(+n+1) rating for its attack.
Elf Interface
The higher the qualitys of both parents are, the more likely the offspring will be of high quality. And it will be even more likely of high quality when the offspring is of the same gender as the higher quality parent.
The quality of MetaElf is generally divided into green, blue, purple and orange, displayed on a MetaElf’s avatar border. MetaElf at green avatar has one (1) skill; MetaElf at blue avatar has two (2) skills; MetaElf at purple avatar has three (3) skills; and MetaElf at orange avatar has four (4) skills.
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