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MetaElfLand Ver: 1.0.40

September 29, 2022
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New Updates

1. Add a new system: MetaElf Stone.

(1) The MetaElf Stone can only be used to strengthen NFT MetaElf, which can increase the combat power a lot. At later version MetaElf Stone will be available on-chain.
(2) MetaElf Stone Classification: "Green MetaElf Stone", "Blue MetaElf Stone", "Purple MetaElf Stone", "Orange MetaElf Stone".
(3) MetaElf Stone Quality: each MetaElf Stone has four different qualities, from high to low: Perfect MetaElf Stone - Orange Quality, Shining MetaElf Stone - Purple Quality, Small MetaElf Stone - Blue Quality, Broken MetaElf Stone - Green Quality. The higher the quality gets, the higher the attribute will be.
(4) Attribute Description of MetaElf Stone: when MetaElf Stones are received, attributes are randomly obtained. A Perfect MetaElf Stone can acquire 2 attributes at the same time, while other MetaElf Stone can only acquire 1 attribute. When a MetaElf is strengthened by MetaElf Stone, the attributes contained in the MetaElf Stones will be strengthened onto the MetaElf, and can not be unloaded.
(5) Strengthening Interface: Enter the MetaElf interface, select the MetaElf you want to enhance, and then click the"MetaElf Stone" button in the lower right corner to open the interface.
(6) Strengthening Method: Place the MetaElf Stone into the enhancement slot and click"Strengthen". After consuming MELT, the attributes from MetaElf Stones will be enhanced to the MetaElf, and at the same time, the MetaElf Stones disappear.
(7) Strengthening Time of MetaElf Stone: for every enhancement with MetaElf Stone, the current strengthening times +1. At the initial state of a MetaElf, each of the four types of MetaElf Stones can be used 5 times, and the total maximum number of times is 20.
(8) Increase the Enhancement Cap: use the MetaElf Stone Breakthrough Card to increase the enhancement cap by 1 point at a time.
(9) The Ways of Obtaining MetaElf Stone:
· Green MetaElf Stone - be obtained from lucky draw activity or opening ordinary MetaElf eggs. The more rare the eggs are, the drop rate of MetaElf Stone gets higher, and the better MetaElf Stone can be obtained.
· Blue MetaElf Stone - be for sale at the USDT store.
· Purple MetaElf Stone - be certainly obtained by opening the NFT egg.
· Orange MetaElf Stone - be released at later version.
(10) Backpack related: add page for MetaElf Stone in backpack.

3. New Item added: NFT Potion

(1) The common MetaElf can be transformed into NFT MetaElf by using NFT Potion.
(2) A MetaElf, using NFT potions, can no longer reproduce NFT eggs and be on-chain, but can both fight in the arena and be enhanced like NFT MetaElf.
(3) NFT potions can be purchased at USDT store and MELT store.
(4) Different races need different levels of NFT potions.

4. Reproductive gift package 1 adjustment: increase 2 Star PVE MetaElf x10, remove hormone potion.

5. Optimizes the impact of skill on combat power calculations.

6. Add NFT MetaElf on-chain limit: a NFT MetaElf, which has already produced 2 NFT eggs, can no longer be on-chain.

7. On-chain service charge is now in USDT.

8. The MetaElf information interface displays the MetaElf’s combat power.

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September 29, 2022
Team of MetaElfLand

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