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Rules of Breeding

1) Attribute inheritance

The ratings, which are displayed on the right side of a MetaElf’s attributes in the “Elf interface”, are ranked as D, C, B, A, S, SS, SS+1, ….SS+99 (from the lowest one to the highest one). If both parents have the same rating for an attribute, it is highly likely that an offspring will have a better rating; if parents' attributes are rated as SS, accordingly their offspring’s attributes rating will be one point higher. Similarly, parents with a high gene increase this probability.
Example: The father has SS(+n) rating for attack and B rating for defense, and a male offspring is born. If the male offspring inherit a SS rating for attack, finally it generates a SS(+n+1) rating for its attack.
Note: the overall rating does not indicate the strength or weakness of a MetaElf. It’s just a reference value. The strength of MetaElf will also be affected by "MetaElf Skills", "Team Up", "Elements against each other", "The Rival Team" and so on.
MetaElf Interface

2) Race inheritance

Races are divided into 4 categories,

Race Lv1: Slime, Spider, Velutipe, etc
Race Lv2: Beetle, Piranha, Lizard, Eaglee, etc
Race Lv3: Bubbledragon, Yak, Lightningdog, Thundere, etc
Race Lv4: Epiphyllum, Dreamdeer, Jellyfish, Salamandere, etc
The higher a MetaElf's race level is, the stronger it will be, and the stronger skills it can obtain.

How to get high level races:

1. Two MetaElves with different images are necessary. The higher the DNA level is, the greater the probability of higher level race transition is. The DNA level plays a very important role in the race transition. To breed a MetaElf with a higher racial level, you must raise the DNA level first.
2. Two MetaElves of different images can only breed the specific MetaElf when race transition occurs.
For example: Slime + Spider of race level 1 can breed Beetle of race level 2, and only Beetles.
3. The probability of race transition will be relatively low. If it fails, there will be a high probability of breeding a MetaElf with parent’s image, and there is a small probability that other MetaElves of the same racial level will appear.
For example, Slime + Spider of race level 1 also has a chance to breed Cactus of race level 1.

3) Quality

The higher the qualitys of both parents are, the more likely their offspring will be of high quality. When the offspring is of the same gender as the higher quality parent, it is even more likely the offspring gets high quality.
The quality of MetaElf is generally divided into green, blue, purple and orange, which are displayed in MetaElf’s avatar border. Green MetaElves have one(1) skill; blue MetaElves have two(2) skills; purple MetaElves have three(3) skills; and orange MetaElf have four(4) skills.

4) Gene level

The DNA level plays a very important role in the evolution of races. To breed a MetaElf with a higher racial level, you must raise the DNA level first.
The higher the DNA level is, the higher the probability of the offspring with high attributes is, and the higher the probability of breeding MetaElves with race transition is. And when the DNA level reaches a certain number, light and dark MetaElves will appear.

How to level up your MetaElves’ DNA:

To upgrade the DNA level, you need 2 MetaElves with the same image, and the current MetaElves Star level is greater than or equal to their own race level.
For example, slimes with race level 1 have their own Star Level 1, then they can increase their DNA level by breeding.
For another example, a bubble dragon with race level 3 needs to have a star level of 3 or above in order to increase its DNA level.

5) Hormone

If the Hormone value of a MetaElf falls below sixty (60), there will be a higher chance of breeding failure. The chance increases as a MetaElf’s hormone decreases. Once it reaches zero (0), a MetaElf will not be able to breed. Each time of breeding consumes 20 points of Hormone value.