The first-ever Philippines MetaELfLand AMA

The first-ever Philippines MetaELfLand AMA

The first-ever Philippines AMA that was conducted in Tagalog with Modern Mulan, an influencer in YouTube, was promoted by several Facebook streamers such as Chippu, Meiji Gaming, and Xands gaming. MetaSoft and its Game-Fi project, MetaElf Land, was represented by Lan Lui and the latter was introduced as a P2E game that hopes to attract both traditional and non-traditional gamers through the introduction of several games to be released as well as the “The MetaElf Land Tournament (TMT)” that revolves at a very familiar game style that Filipinos are very aware of: Mobile Legends. Through a ban-and-pick system, TMT, according to Lan Lui, will represent equal footing to everyone participating and that the winner will be determined solely by their skills.
MetaElf Land’s PvP, PvE, breeding, evolution, tokenomics, etc. was discussed thoroughly by Lan Lui which were asked by the AMA host. As an example, tokenomics of the two-token system was discussed extensively such as how the governance token, $MELT, also holds utility such as purchase of NFTs, in-game items, energy, and unlocking certain features through staking but maintaining the utility of the other token, $BNC, by having items that can only be purchased with the use of $BNC. Aside from these, Lan Lui has explained the approaches that the project team has prepared to implement such as gradually shifting the inflation value of one asset to another to obtain sustainability.
The MetaElf Land Tournament’s (TMT) capability to bring in competitive players, traditional or non-traditional, to the project was also brought up. Without needing to own NFTs to participate, players get the chance to solely win 80% of the grand pool prize which are revenues from the tickets purchased to participate in the e-sports tournament. In addition, other games that MetaSoft plans to introduce in the near future such as MetaElf Racing and MetaElf Restaurant can garner the attention of other players that are not interested in game genres of PvP or PvE but prefer racing or relaxed game genres. This also allows increased use cases of the NFTs and tokens in the MetaElf ecosystem.
Finally, community questions were answered live (non-verbatim):
  1. 1.
    Is there a limit on how much NFTs we can own? Is it one account, one device?
  • Currently, your backpack can hold a total of 999 NFTs but of course these include the eggs you earn through PvE that are non-tradable and non-breedable. So in reality, the limit of how much NFTs you can own is up to your wallet budget. As for the one account, one device ToU, we have no solid footing regarding this for now.
2. Can we breed 2 MetaElves (male and female) even if they’re from the same parent/lineage/family?
  • The restriction of breeding in lineage was introduced by most P2E games to combat NFT inflation and due to their NFTs having no genders, and that is why in MetaElf Land, for now, we have no restrictions on breeding NFTs that came from the same family. However, if we see it necessary to implement it in the near future, it might be.
3. Is the team open for community suggestions like adding new features in the game?
  • During the development of the project, we have made several changes that we’ve added after testing or after they were brought up by our community testers and partners who’ve tested the game. As an example, after version 1.0.14 was released, we added the “Gender change card” which allows players the option to change the gender of one of their NFTs. This is very useful especially if that during the presale, the NFTs that players get are both the same gender, and it will definitely be used all throughout the lifeline of the project. However, it should be noted that not all community suggestions can be implemented especially if it involves re-coding almost everything that is already in the blockchain.
4. Most P2E projects have a lot of P2E players at first but afterwards the number of players decreases. What is your plan to keep players?
  • If you look at the trend on why this happens, it usually is because of the market behavior that occurs during the booming phases of projects. During this phase, due to the influx of players to the project, players start to sell their NFTs at a higher price without the knowledge that they’re making a bubble themselves. Once the retention time of the NFTs in the marketplace gets longer, players then start to sell their NFTs at a lower price so the new players that have entered the game also panic as they see the floor price going way lower than their entry price. Additionally, influx of players also induce inflation due to higher amount of tokens being minted. But we’ve prepared approaches to combat these as much as we can, and the introduction of new games of different genres will surely keep attracting new users if not keep the current ones.
5. How can you make sure that our assets are safe and that what happened in Axie will not happen?
  • Actually, the reason why Axie was hacked was because of their bridge that was poorly built which allowed access to the hackers through loopholes. This will not happen with your assets here in MetaElf Land as not only are we not going to build a bridge but the team are professionals who are very capable people and we’re more than confident that such an incident will not occur. Plus, we will audit our contracts to make sure everything is good to do. Also, since we hope to target traditional players as well, we will definitely need to aid and remind all users to be careful in the crypto space especially when interacting with scam tokens, phishing sites, fake administrators, and many more which, in my opinion, are the most rampant and common way of how assets are being taken away from users.
May will be MetaElf Land’s big month as they will hold their first pre-sale on the 15th of May at the price of $49/NFT with bundles at two NFTs for $98 or five NFTs for $245. After, they will hold another NFT sale on the 22nd which will be priced at $59/NFT, their IDO on the 26th, and the official launch of the game will be on the 28th.
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